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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Linux Migration on workstation

Started last week, I'd been busy migrating some our PC to linux, well, that was due to the anti piracy campaign of M$ and other Proprietary software. Several Internet Cafe' here in our place had been raided and closed and their PC's were confiscated because of the BIG piracy issue. Thanks for the OpenSource Software that save the company some amount of dollars, though not all PC were able to convert to Linux OS due to the application being used, but the majority are now using linux. The distro that I choose is Mandrake 10.1, its because, I find it more stable than those new version of Mandriva, and other thatn that, I am more familiar on it than those other distro, though there are lots of distros to choose to, but it can save me time to choose the one that I am more familiar with.

After several days, I am almost finished, and all linux users are now able to print to our Minolta Di610. All shared files on windows box are being automounted on their desktop.

later... its late.. I have to go :)


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