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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Mandriva Linux 10.1 Dial-in Server

Here' s my Dial-in Server setup on my mandrake 10.1 using US Robotics 56 K Data Fax External Modem

Below are the steps and configs:

1. Make sure that the host acting as Dial-in server has a working internet connection.

2. Download and install mgetty. [on my system, #urpmi mgetty]

3. After installing mgetty, edit the inittab [#vi /etc/inittab ], and I added the text below on the last line of my iniitab. My modem is on Com2 and so its ttyS1.

S1:2345:respawn:/sbin/mgetty -s 57600 -D ttyS1

4. My /etc/mgetty+sendfax/mgetty.config

data-only yes
speed 57600
modem-type auto
modem-check-time 1800
init-chat "" AT&F1M0
port ttyS1
debug 9

5. My /etc/mgetty+sendfax/login.config.
[actually, I just commented it out from the original login.config file, be sure to comment the lastline portion of that file.]

/AutoPPP/ - a_ppp /usr/sbin/pppd auth -chap +pap login debug

6. I just disregard dialin.config, all of the text inside were commented, I did'nt touch anything in here.

7. Install ppp [#urpmi ppp] and below are my /etc/ppp/*configs

asyncmap 0
deflate 15

#note: the word "login" above means that I will use the username and password of the existing users of this box



#note: *.101 is the assigned local IP, *.101 will be the remote IP
#These IP are not yet assigned to any host connected to LAN

# Secrets for authentication using PAP
# client server secret IP addresses
* * "" *


8. The eth0 of this box is directly connected to the internet, so I have to do a masquerading on IPtables to share the internet it has on the connected ppp interface. I added the text below on my rc.firewall script for the said purpose, NAT.

echo "1" > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward
iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -o eth0 -j MASQUERADE

9. As of now, I am using windows XP and 2000 on the dialing client side and it works fine, I can connect up to 40 kbps (eh, very slow) but at least, I can check emails and do some slow browsing. I'd tried a linux client but it wont connect, it has some sort of errors, and I have to investigate further so I can use linux at home.


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