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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Linux, KDE, Kernel new release, oh!.. Its my Birthday today!!!

Happy Birthday to me!

Wow!, I'm 32 and still..., oh boy, at least Im still alive, healthy, already have a family, and of course, happy!. Though I'm not that successful in terms of career, at least now, those things that years and years ago ( am I that old?), I really just wonder how it works, I now know how to make them work... like Email, Web, Linux, NFS, TCPIP, VoIP, DNS Server, and a lot more that I did not learn in my old school. To tell you honestly ( to you who happened to visit this blog..) I only learned those things I mentioned thru my own research, testing, building my own test server, buying a domain just to know how to use it ( lol..), kind of funny huh.. having my own hardware, and reading lot's of ebooks (Thanks to amule.. hak hak hak!).

Well, up to now, even the company that I am working does not have that kind of program that enhance the skills of its employee, for almost three years working on them, they did'nt care... damn!, I have to update myself on anything related to my work, coz If you just wait on them, nahhh, I thinks its just the right thing for everyone to do, learn on yourself if you have that kind of chance, Internet and community forum really helps.



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