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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

How's my Christmas anyway.....

Ok, its 3 days after Christmas, and 3 days more before New Year. Well I celebrated my Christmas with my family of course, no party stuff, there should have been a street party on our place but the rain did not allow us to, the rain was heavy then and we have'nt prepared for that so... no party, we just stayed at home, there were singing coz one of our neighbor rented a Video Karaoke machine supposedly for that party, so they just do singing till dawn. The foods..., no so much food, we just have a Special Buko salad and a common dinner, its special coz we've put several fruits stuff on it, so it'll taste much better. On December 25, it's a double special day coz its also the Birthday of my daughter, and of course, the Birth Day of our Jesus Christ. In the morning, we went to church and after church, just @ home preparing for a little celebration of my Daughters Birthday, inviting some children and giving food to some strangers that asking for PINASKOHAN ( Christmas Gift). We have a sort of childrens party, they have some games and prizes too to all kids. It's just a little childrens party, since there were only almost 10 kids attending, but the most important on that day is ... at least we were able to gave some foods, not only to the kids on that event but also to some strangers passing by.... and most of all, another Christmas for all of us and most especially another year to my lovely daughter.

That's how I spend my Christmas... and MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!!!!



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