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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Playing MP3 on OpenSuse 10

OpenSuse 10 is very nice, comparing to other distro, this distro has a lot of package on its community edition CD that I can install on my home Box. The 5 CD that I downloaded has lots of OSS on it, but.. even if I was able to install Xmms and Amarok, it wont allow me to play MP3, since MP3 is not licensed to GPL. Support on MP3 is available only to Suse retail version. So, as I want to play mp3 on it.

For Amarok to play mp3, need to download and install mad and xine-mad and xmms-lib-mad for Xmms. Take note that I'm using x86 pc, so if you have a 64 bit, look for the particular x86_64 equivalent.

Go and play mp3!


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