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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Upgrading kde 3.3 to kde 3.4 on my Madriva 10.2

I've just upgraded my Kde 3.3 to Kde 3.4 on my Mandriva LE 2005. There are lots of ways to upgrade it, there are thacs RPM, SOS and the one that came from kde.org itself. I tried the kde package from kde.org, those RPMs that are precompiled for Mandriva LE 2005 or Mandriva 10.2. The package can be found here.

What I did was, downloaded all those package using wget.

wget -c -r -nd ftp://ftp.kde.org/pub/kde/stable/3.4.2/Mandriva/10.2/i586/

The command will download all the files on the directory where you issued the command. On my box, I made a directory kde3.4.2 under my users home dir then issue that command inside that directory and downloaded all the files on it. Then I added that directory as a local urpmi repository. The command would be (do it as root)..

urpmi.addmedia kde3.4.2 /home/usersdir/kde3.4.2

After doing this, I change my box to init 3, meaning no gui or X then remove all the package related to kde. Viewing what package are related to kde could be done by..

rpm -qa | grep kde

so you have a clue which to remove. Then after removing those, you can just type..

urpmi kdebase

and it then install the new kde. Not all will be install by doing that of course, so manually, we can add those kde applications that we needed via urpmi.

A little bit late huh!..



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